PRPL Hackathon

27th of February


Websites are hard work. No one knows that better than us. But when it comes time for a digital agency to redesign their own site, you’d think it’d be a piece of cake, right? Not exactly.

Much like the skilled dentist who isn’t rocking the most sparkly smile himself, it is hard to make time for our own to-dos when we’re so committed to making client projects shine.

So, in true PRPL fashion, we’re taking this challenge and turning it into an opportunity. The solution? The first ever PRPL Hackathon: a 60-hour-long coding marathon with one goal — to launch an entirely rebranded Purple, Rock, Scissors site in the course of one weekend. The family bonding time is just an added bonus.

We’ll be starting from scratch on Friday after work and coding non-stop until the mission is complete (shooting for Sunday evening). With all of the talented people we have at PRPL working on one project together, we feel we can accomplish just about anything… and then some.

Follow along as we attempt the seemingly impossible. We’ll be live Tweeting/Facebooking/Instagraming/Vineing/you-name-it-ing throughout the process. Anything is possible with a strong team and a little caffeine.

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