Pure Abstraction at PRPL

31st of July

When it came time to add more color to our office common area, we invited Atlanta’s top talent to do it up. Alex Brewer, better known as HENSE in the art realm, gladly accepted our invitation to paint an abstract masterpiece on our blank canvas of a wall.

After seeing HENSE’s work at the Sandler Hudson Gallery, our CEO & Founder Bobby Jones immediately took to the distinct, vibrant style. With a space composed of finished wood and calming tones, an unrefined mural as the centerpiece would add a dynamic balance to PRPL.

HENSE worked day and night throughout last week, applying layers of his magic to our once-white wall. In fact, we recorded the entire process to create an artistic timelapse journey.

As you can see, the finished product is as brilliant as it is fitting for our environment. We’re so fortunate to have met Alex, whose mark will forever remain inspiration for creativity.

Posted by Erin Butler

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