Weekly Digital Roundup (10.14.13)

14th of October

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From phubbing to Facebook Insights, last week saw its fair share of digital industry updates. Without further ado, here’s what we found to be the biggest news, so you may comfortably remain snuggled under a rock.

Mother Phubber

Chances are, you’re guilty of “phubbing.” What does that mean, you ask? Apparently, it’s paying attention to your phone instead of those standing next to you. The Macquarie Dictionary of Australia came up with the word for its guerrilla campaign, led by McCann Melbourne to sell copies of its newest dictionary. The company released a YouTube video film called “A Word is Born,” along with creating social media accounts, a website, and ads for the new word. Bet you anything it’ll catch on.

Mastering the EdgeRank Algorithm

If you’ve noticed a decline in your Facebook reach and engagement on your brand page over the past few weeks, you’re not alone. This is due to Facebook’s News Feed algorithm change that was announced back in August 2013. With EdgeRank calling upon over 100,000 signals to determine what shows up in the News Feed, it’s important to read up on how to optimize your posts for success. If successful social media is your thing, of course.

Facebook Advertisers, Rejoice

Facebook has redesigned their ad-buying platform. With increasing demands from advertisers for better targeting, Facebook has revamped its ad-buying process and reporting tools. Every ad-buy will now start with identifying your business’ objectives first, then choosing an ad that fits its needs. Along with these changes, Facebook’s API program will now be available internationally. This change will allow content producers to display Facebook conversations and search posts for user data and demographics.

Better Figures from Facebook

And speaking of data and demographics, now everyone can enjoy the new Facebook Page Insights. The latest version of Insights is designed to help craft better content and give admins more information about the users that visit their page. Plus it looks prettier. Upgrade!

Now You Can “See It”

Could your tweets unlock more TV shows? That’s exactly what Comcast has been up to in their new partnership with Twitter, the king of the second screen. Viewers that see a tweet about a TV show on Comcast-owned channel can use those tweets to view recent episodes or extra programming. The feature is called “See It,” and will be available to Comcast subscribers in November. Learn more here.

Goodness Gracious, Google

Google decided to update nearly everything under the sun last week. Aside from the new Hummingbird update which means another search algorithm change-up for SEOs, Google announced that they would begin providing TV schedule information and hashtags in search results. The search giant also rolled out of its Google Partners program, which is designed to help agencies and their clients. Seems we could have a whole digest just for these guys, eh?

Thanks for checking in. Until next week!

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