Weekly Digital Roundup (9.17.13)

17th of September


Fast food gets faster, with the new McDonald’s app release and a behind-the-scenes of Taco Bell’s adept social media team. Also, more on Twitter’s plan to go public and G+ updates to stay in the loop. Without further ado, here’s what we found to be the biggest news, so you may comfortably remain snuggled under a rock.

Mobile McDonald’s

In select cities, McDonald’s has started testing a mobile app that allows users to order and pay for food and pick it up at the drive through, curbside, or in the restaurant. Leave it to Americans to find the most quick, effortless route to a mainstream meal!

The Lean Taco Bell Team

Get an inside look into Taco Bell’s social media inner-workings through their digital and social marketing director, Tressie Lieberman. Their team must be super in-tune with the brand chatter and react at the drop of a hat. “It’s the mind-set we apply to the way we work in creating content, which is our moving from the role of marketers to publishers,” said Lieberman. There’s never a dull moment for this brand!

Twitter’s Going Public

With just a tweet, the social network announced that it has filed with the SEC to become a publicly traded company. Twitter is valued at more than $10 billion, and plans to use the cash generated from its initial public offering to build products, increase ad spend, and hire additional creative and digital talent. Would you buy a piece?

Badvertising on 9/11

AT&T got into some hot water over a tweet that was meant to honor 9/11 victims, but instead was interpreted as tacky product placement. A golf course also got itself into some muck with a similar distasteful capitalization on the tragedy’s anniversary. Just fine examples of what’s not appropriate for social media, especially on a day of remembrance.

More Pluses for G+

Two new updates coming out of Google+ this week include the introduction of embedded posts and integration of Google+ sign-in with Google’s Authorship program. It may be tempting to overlook this social channel, but recall that it’s so much more than social. It’s search, too!

That’s it for this round, but don’t stop super-sizing your knowledge!

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