Launched: Matrix Partners

July 11th, 2017 | PRPL

Launched: Matrix Partners

It always makes for a special relationship to have clients who invest in people like us: young and ambitious techies with a penchant for making waves in the digital sphere.

That’s why we’re thrilled to share with you our most recent product launch with Matrix Partners, an acclaimed investment firm that has supported some of the world’s leading tech companies from the very start. Last month, PRPL successfully unveiled the investor’s new website, helping usher in a new online presence for the company.

Meet the Client

With locations in California and Boston, Matrix Partners primarily invests during the early stages of startup businesses across B2B, infrastructure and consumer technology. The firm holds relationships with such big-name companies as Apple, FedEx, SanDisk, Lever, and Hubspot. With a track record dating back to the beginning of computers themselves, Matrix Partners’ assets are worth more than 2.4 billion dollars with a history of over 450 investments.

Ready for a Revamp

Despite the fact that they’ve become one of the top investment firms in the world, an outsider would have to do some serious digging to find that out on their old website. Go ahead, give it a dig.

In order to properly showcase themselves as the industry-leaders they are, they needed a transformation of their digital footprint. Their goal was to expand their demographics and portray themselves as approachable to founders outside their usual network, with the promise that they’ll be “the best firm for you on day one, and at $1B.”

Mobilizing the New Look

The PRPL team got right to work with a site makeover that served to better inform the public and potential founders about their expertise. In collaboration with members of both the investment and operations team over at Matrix, we were able to pinpoint the exact colors, tone, and feel for their improved site. Transitioning from a white, lackluster layout to a dark, sleek interface added a modern style to the new site and helped clarify the impact they have had on the industry for over 40 years.

Focusing on quality over quantity, the site now includes real-life photography, meaningful content, and responsive elements for the best user experience.

With a focus on less words and more meaningful content, the copy on the site was cut down by more than half. It now offers a clean, user-friendly interface that gets straight to the point.

No one should forget their humble beginnings, and the new site helps honor the partner’s history by remembering some of their historic accomplishments while staying focused on the future. To achieve this, our developers built the photo-heavy site with responsive sections that showcase more founders than partners — including Oculus, Zendesk and HubSpot — thus emphasizing that they build lasting relationships.

Take a Peek 

We want to do our part to ensure that Matrix Partners can continue to offer eager entrepreneurs a chance at having their dreams invested in. A modernized interface and simplified user experience is just the beginning to unlocking their business potential.

Check it out:

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