PRPL Playlist: Creative as Folk

October 1st, 2018 | PRPL

PRPL Playlist: Creative as Folk

From Our Speakers to Yours

Music is a big part of our backstory, so every month we curate a playlist of jams that keep us laser-focused on our purpose. They’re specially crafted to help you dominate your day too.

It may still feel like Summer in October, but we’re getting all the fall feels with an acoustic playlist that keeps us creative as “folk.” So, sit back and sip your PSL while enjoying this compilation of grassroot gems. 

What’s inspiring us?

  • In reaction to the news that SpaceX will livestream their 2023 moon mission in VR, we’re bumpin’ to Victory by Trampled by Turtles.
  • Sony announced that they’ll be releasing a Playstation Classic console, pre-loaded with the retro games of your dearest memories. That calls for a celebration. Queue Youth by Daughter, because we’re never growing up.
  • Fear not the robots. Moxi, the ‘friendly’ hospital robot, is taking over simple tasks so nurses can spend more time with their patients. In the words of Generator ^ First Floor by Freelance Whales, “we’re finding every day, several ways that we can be friends.”
  • Copper, the new Google-integrated CRM once known as ProsperWorks, is about to make team onboarding a breeze using all the Google Suite tools we’re already tied to. We give that idea a Million Dollar Bill by Middle Brother.



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