Working at PRPL.

A.i Who We Hire

At PRPL, we only seek the most daring, audacious, and wildly-talented team members who can operate independently, challenge each other, collaborate with our clients, and focus on building great products. As a sandbox for challenge and exploration, it's our goal to push boundaries and evolve our individual gifts.

Trust & Loyalty

Your first loyalty is to yourself. All we ask is that you be transparent about your goals and mission. This trust will allow us to do great things together.

Some team members are here for the long-term, driven by purpose and pride in their abilities to help direct, shape, and grow our company. Other employees are only with us for a few years, and guess what - we are okay with that. Our alumni go on to work for amazing Fortune 50 brands with the skills and talents they’ve developed at PRPL. No matter what you do, PRPL can be a catalyst for your career.

Just being honest.

Strong applicants will have prior experience with digital products, prototypes, physical products, as well as designing, building, or managing large-scale applications. PRPL is not an advertising agency, so while we appreciate marketing, advertising, and communications, our focus is product design.

Only applicants who fit this criteria will be considered.

A.ii Company Values

We don’t get bogged down with corporate bullshit or “big company” culture. Here are the only things that matter to us. They should also matter to you.

01 Commit

02 Explore

03 Do Great Work

A.iii Benefits & Perks

We pride ourselves on offering solid benefits for our team.

A.iv Positions

Think you’ve got what it takes? These are the positions we seek to hire. We never want to miss great talent, so we keep our job postings up at all times, even if we are not actively hiring for that position. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates on our immediate openings.

Digital Strategist

Our Digital Strategists are full of big ideas and have an insatiable drive to learn how things tick. It’s an infatuation for human & machine interaction, discovering the needs of product stakeholders, and defining the way users can access information through any channel. Our Strategists must have keen understanding of usability heuristics, roadmap prioritization, speed-to-market, and risk-offset. It’s their job to audit competitive landscapes and come up with features that solve the most challenging problems. They also need a strong Type-A personality to document bullet-proof requirements. Impress us by sending us some fancy artifacts you've produced.


Experience Designer

This is not an ordinary graphic design job. Experience Designers must demonstrate a portfolio of strong UX / interaction design concepts, prototypes, and big ideas. Our Designers must also have a firm understanding of where UI meets technology. Collaboration with engineering teams is critical to building successful products. We also need outspoken team members who are not afraid to work directly with our clients, take harsh critique, test their designs, iterate, and keep revising concepts until the design solves the goals with no usability friction. Remember that good experience design is invisible design. Send us your portfolio or your link to Dribbble.


Product Developer

Our Product Developers are generally full-stack engineers who understand a variety of concepts ranging from HTML & CSS, to interactive JavaScript libraries, to complex frameworks and applications in a variety of programming languages. Many of our engineering team members also need to dive into the deep end working with native libraries and operating systems for various devices and hardware platforms. Only the most curious, driven, and resourceful problem-solvers should apply. Send us code samples, GitHub, or other relevant links for review.


Project Manager

The Project Managers at PRPL oversee the entire product lifecycle for our projects. Each Project Manager is a stabilizing force for their Product Team, focusing on tasks, milestones, deadlines, and facilitating clear communication between all parties. It’s a healthy mix of being a good client partner, communicator, facilitator, producer, and driver. It’s a tiring and sometimes thankless job, but it’s one of the most important and rewarding jobs at Purple, Rock, Scissors. Only the steadfast and courageous need apply. When you do, please be sure to send us your LinkedIn profile.

A.v Putting It Out There

We're big fans of transparency. So much so, we’ve created an onboarding microsite and digital handbook portal for our employees. Trust is built through transparency, and we expect our team members to reciprocate this virtue. Putting It Out There

Good talent is hard to come by. If you introduce us to (and vouch for) a fitting candidate for any job opening, we'll pay you $500 once they hit their 90 days as a full-time hire. It’s win-win-win. Know someone? Send us a tip.