Evermore Orlando Resort

Learn more about the new hospitality brand we created for Evermore Resort in Orlando, FL.

Project Overview

Evermore Resort is a new vacation experience in the heart of Orlando, FL that beautifully blends the accommodation options travelers expect at a vacation rental with the amenities, activities, and service of a top tier resort. Evermore’s goals are to remove uncertainty and stress from the vacation booking process, prioritize the vacationer, and communicate the quality of the experience.


Inspired by Florida

Evermore Resort is central to Florida wildlife and nature so it was important that our brand concept would invoke a sense of nostalgia and serenity associated with stress-free resort living among lush natural landscapes. The result? An elevated look, feel, and vibe with a warm welcome.

Sunburst Fun-Burst

Evermore’s branding is centered around its logo: the Sunburst. Although inspired by the bright Florida sun, the rays were designed to represent different nuances of the sunshine state—palm branches and waves or water ripples.

Perfect Sunset

Our primary palette emulates a bold sunset while the support palette is soft and neutral, to draw from Florida’s picturesque sky, water, and nature.

Types of Type

For Evermore’s typography, we went with the versatile yet classic Zeitung Pro, Zeitung Mono Pro, and Henriette to cover serif and sans serif.

A Brand With a Plan

From brand voice and logo usage to assets for different guest touchpoints, our extensive brand guidelines focused on authentic Florida style while staying true to Evermore’s vision of becoming the next best place to vacation in laid-back luxury.

Full Vacation Experience

We created an experience for Evermore's guests from the booking process to checkout. This includes collaboration on the architecture, products, amenities, and other aspects of the resort.

Everywhere You Look

Guests will be completely immersed in the story of Evermore. While there is one main brand, we’re also developing narratives, concepts, and sub-brands for the different programs and areas such as the Crystal Lagoon, bars, restaurants, amenities, a kids’ zone, and more.

Launch and Beyond

We designed and developed Evermore’s microsite, which launched in early 2021 with Dart Interest’s announcement of the project. The future of our partnership with Evermore includes us designing and developing their full website with industry-first booking features, executing the brand in print and physical spaces, marketing, completing on-site projects, and continuing to brand their other programs and amenities.

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